The Arlene Berry Case


Medical judgment (however it is expressed) is the highest form of visible authority in Canada. It is also the greatest tool of intentional death as it plays itself out among medical providers who are trained to react rather than think.

“My wife was declared as having met with “brain death criteria” , less than 6 hours following her transfer from Kirkland Lake to Sudbury, ON, while under the care of Dr. Adegbite. Withholding life sustaining treatment from an “undiagnosed” patient with concurrent hyperglycemia, hypokalemia and electrolyte abnormalities in combination with a severely paralyzed motor function and who is under the influence of sedative hypnotic and tranquilizing agents is of questionable legality.

For the record, many conditions may falsely mimic brainstem death clinically upon examination, but without excluding them you will KILL a person by homicide, or criminal negligence, despite the reversibility of brain damage, as in this case.”

Get the FACTS!

Portrait of a medical enigma

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