WARNING: Todays Hospitals


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Iatrogenic insult or natural process? Dehydration in the terminally ill ..

Hunger and thirst, starvation and dehydration-ugly words to most of us, bringing images of tormenting weakness, agonizing muscle spasms, the ultimate cannibalism as the body devours itself to stay alive. Yet, hospitals do it all the time, and more.

Iatrogenic illness is the medical name for doctor-caused-sickness

Do Not Resuscitate When Aged Care is Too Expensive

Portrait of a medical enigma « Paradocpress

Iatrogenic Hyponatremia « Medicaries Blog

Medication Errors

[PPT]  Metabolic Abnormalities

Too Much Too Soon? Refeeding Syndrome as an Iatrogenic Cause of

Iatrogenic disease is medically-induced disease, whether by negligence, error or adverse drug effects.

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