Redress Against Bad Doctors, et al

“When dealing with truth, liars and suppression of truth, or where a crime involves a conspiracy, or conspiracy to cover-up, accuse those guilty of the later freely. They (both those deliberately seeking to lead you astray, and those who are simply foolish or misguided thinkers) generally run for cover when thus illuminated”. –  H.Michael Sweeney.


315. No person shall be deemed to publish a defamatory libel publishes defamatory matter in good faith for the purpose of seeking remedy or redress for a private or public wrong or grievance from a person who has, or who on reasonable grounds he believes has, the right or is under an obligation to remedy or redress the wrong or grievance, if

(a) he believes that the defamatory matter is true;
(b) the defamatory matter is relevant to the remedy or redress that is sought; and
(c) the defamatory matter does not in any respect exceed what is reasonably sufficient in the circumstances. [R.S., c.C-34, s.279.] SOURCE
A Case In Point:
The Arlene Berry Story – 2010 Update
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Medical judgment (however it is expressed) is the highest form of visible authority in Canada. It is also the greatest tool of intentional death as it plays itself out among medical providers who are trained to react rather than think.


Dr. Andrew B. Adegbite Medicine Professional Co…
“very bad”

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