Genetically Engineered Stealth Virus.

Mayo Clinic Collaboration Invented the ‘Virus in Stealth’ to help kill cancer cells that was to have enabled it to sneak past the immune system. The work is still experimental. It presumably kills cancer cells without pharming healthy ones but stresses the immune system which can also trigger an autoimmune reaction by overstimulation. Secret experiments of this type suggest as a possible vector in the spread of West Nile Virus (WNV) via contaminated pharma products. WNV interferes with the innate immune system. Some experimental vaccines and certain pharma products may also be responsible for delivering cancer itself…

Further, the idea of using a genetically engineered parasite whose behavior mimics cancer may have some merit.  However, a pitfall is that parasites can run rampant right in the centre of your immune system, resulting in widespread infection, further weakening the immune system, especially in an already run down and stressed out patient. Weakening of immunity leads to development of various diseases. Ordinarily, the thymus makes T blood cells that battle invaders. If there are not enough T cell fighters, or if the immune system is run down, overstimulated, or overwhelmed, the outcome could be catastrophic. Under normal conditions, the body is able to distinguish self from non-self antigens. Molecular mimicry may provoke an excessive immune reaction. There is also a risk that live vaccines may be contaminated with adventitious infectious particles.

“It has just recently been discovered that one test to discover if your body is under a viral attack (whether stealth or otherwise) is the c-reactive protein test. This test will tell you the coagulability state of your blood. A body under attack by a virus has hypercoagulable blood (clots easily). (Again, this is because viruses hide from the immune system by “cloaking” themselves in fibrin). Stealth viruses do the same. This is how some of the stealth viruses were initially found: the c-reactive protein test showed positive, yet the individual had no signs of a fever or viral infection.” –  Stealth Viruses “Stealth viruses predominantly, but not always, affect the brain. They cause a wide array of progressively degenerative neurological, allergic, neoplastic, auto immune and psychiatric illnesses. Emerging reports that doctors believe stealth viruses may also be involved in the growth of cancer cells.” Read more:  Stealth Virus Symptoms |

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