Dealing with criminal doctors

MDs get jail terms, fines as new police squad targets health fraud

Doctor jailed for assault – Winnipeg Free Press

Doctor sentenced to 1 year jail

Canada: Naturopath jailed for failing to pay taxes

Cancer striken Doctor sentenced to jail for abusing patient

Dr. Edward Poon sentenced to two years in jail for sexual assault

Canada: Vancouver Island doctor guilty of molestation

R. v. Manjanatha (1995)

Assisted Suicide Cases in Canada

The cases of Drs. Claudio Alberto de la Rocha and Nancy Morrison

July 3, 2007: Identity Theft Doctor Jailed – Immigration Watch Canada

Canadian doctor charged in Buffalo for HGH distribution

‘Dr. Horror’ nabbed –

Ontario doctor receives jail

Dr. Ravi Devgan continues to defraud patients despite 3 year jail

MD faked billings, got pills for drug ring –

Why Isn’t Pediatric Forensic Pathologist Doctor Charles Smith in Jail?

Additional Reading

Canada’s Medical Mafia: A Glimpse

Doctors Charged: Ontario – Google Search

Murder & Doctors: Search

Real-time web tracking by Visit Streamer

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