Quality Assurance???

The fifth estate’s investigation into a doctor’s pattern of criminal behavior revealed that across Canada there is a new trend to “retrain” doctors, not blame them. In Ontario it’s called Quality Assurance, although everything that happens in Quality Assurance is a secret.

If the law of “EQUALITY” prevailed, why not abolish our criminal laws, turn a blind eye on mass murder,  including every other conceivable  criminal wrongdoing by everyone and lets just place everybody  before a Quality Assurance Board and give them all a little “revolving door  slap-on-the-wrist”  as part of their “retraining” ? After all, what’s good for doctors should be equally as good for the general public. Lets just “retrain” everybody and blame nobody for their  “atrocities”?

Does government stupidity know any bounds?

FIRST DO NO HARM – 45 Minute CBC Documentary

..online (runs appox 41:30)


The Story

The Interviews


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