Canada’s Medical Mafia: A Glimpse

Our healthcare is just about the largest industry in Canada, yet we get less information about doctors, hospitals and drugs than we do about any other consumer service or product combined.

According to an article in JAMA, the medical profession has adopted an “ostrich-like attitude” concerning medical error and its prevention. “Of all the self-interested policies that created the massive crisis our entire health system faces today,” one commentator writes in New Physician, “perhaps the most devastating has been the medical profession’s evasion of public accountability….” From the British Medical Journal: “Doctors do not want their dirty linen cataloged.”

The lack of public disclosure of information about dangerous doctors stems from a single source: powerful political pressure upon provincial and federal agencies by physicians and their affiliated drug lords (medical mafia).

Our systems is supposed to protect the public but its all been a pack of lies. It seems clear that doctors are licensed to injure, maim and kill carte-blanche, without accountability.
Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let a Doctor Get Away with Murder…

The MEDICAL MOB, not unlike the Mafia, is controlled by the FINANCIAL FAMILIES who have a proprietary interest in the majority of what is authorized for dissemination to the unsuspecting public.

The Medical Mafia – Ghislaine Lanctot, M.D.

” The medical system is a veritable MEDICAL MAFIA, which creates sickness and kills for money and power. A medicine of sickness called “scientific” treats only the symptoms—the consequences of the sickness—and not the cause. It renders the patient dependent. A medicine of sickness makes one ill and costs a lot. It keeps the patients and doctors captives of a system of sickness. Officially, we are told that the system is at the service of the patient. But, in practice, the system is at the service of the industry for its own profits.” – Get the FACTS!

The Medical Mafia (1) Book Summary
The Medical Mafia rules: – Share The Wealth

Health fraud’s new frontiers

Canadian Medical Protective Association

Lies, cheating, killing: The MEDICAL MAFIA IN CANADA.

Fraud Against the Public Purse by Health Care Professionals:

Money Laundering and Fraud in the Medical Professions

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