Corruption in HEALTHCARE!

A Penetrating Analysis of Corruption
In Ontario’s HEALTHCARE System..!

“Truth Cannot Live on a Diet of Secrets
Withering Within Entangled Lies”
H. Michael Sweeney.

Beware of the backstage workings of Ontario’s medical establishment, and in particular the office of the province’s chief coroner and its conflicting interest relationship with sinister College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.  That the purpose of a coroner’s investigation is to determine cause of death or that the prime function of the coroner’s office is to prevent deaths is grossly misrepresented. Alarmingly, the Coroner’s Act precludes coroners from finding fault or assigning blame, a perversion incorporated into the Act to ‘shield’  bad doctors from medical wrongdoing.  The bald truth is that the coroner’s office in Ontario is used as a dumping ground for cases embarrassing either to the government or the medical profession, as in the case of Arlene H. Berry of Kirkland Lake, Ontario who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 41.  She was the victim of a horrific chain of medical negligence that is nothing short of criminal.  No autopsy was performed and a family request for a formal inquest was also denied. Ten years after the fact the case remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

That it is still possible to bury things in the coroner’s office is both shocking and appalling. My experience with the coroner is that this office is “totally corrupt” and involved in massive coverups of all kinds, primarily involving iatrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths. One might ask how many of these iatrogenic deaths are uncovered as a direct result of a coroner’s investigation? How many of them reported by the office of the chief coroner in his annual report?  The answer is NONE.

At the time of Arlene Berry’s death, the office of the chief coroner for Ontario had been spearheaded by Dr. James Gordon Young, a non-practicing GP with no specialties of his own who, if he were not attached to the public purse, there to divert the natural order of things, would still be on “temporary employment practice”,  as had been the case prior to his appointment as chief. He was appointed chief coroner in order to minimize complaints from the minorities and there is further evidence to suggest ethnic discrimination in coroner’s dealings with minorities, such as seen in “sudden unexplained deaths in Asian immigrants” in which a coroner investigation involving Dr. Young uncovered only “non-specific factors” associated with “acute pulmonary edema”. In all there were eight cases, all of them involving young men between the ages of 23 and 44, from 1992 to 1995. It is not known whether “vaccines” were ever mentioned or offered as a possible cause for these Asian deaths, but iatrogenic causes cannot be ruled out, i.e. late delayed hypersensitivity, as with mortality and morbidity associated with vaccine research, without informed consent, linked to BCG immunization or the DPT vaccine with its damaging effects on the brain, or similar vaccine.

For years, Young’s desire to protect  his own reputation  and that of his fellow colleagues had overshadowed any concern for victims of MEDICAL WRONGDOING.

The regional supervising coroner for northeastern Ontario at the time of Arlene Berry’s death in the year 2000 was Dr. Barry Alexander McLellan, also a non-practicing MD with a background in emergency medicine, primarily involving multiple training sites with about two month’s educational rotation in a variety of disciplines. He had been only permitted to practice in areas for which he was qualified and so was seen to function primarily and most effectively as a public relations tool.

McLellan took over the job on an acting basis from Dr. Jim Young in 2002 and on a permanent basis the following year. Young had been appointed by the province as commissioner of public safety and security for the province. It is believed that Young has since forfeited his right to practice medicine. McLellan became the new CEO at Sunnybrook.

Young and McLellan are both graduates of the University of Toronto, a fraternity of ‘liars‘ which has abdicated its responsibility for teaching ethics and proper patient care to focus on “teaching medical students to lie”, where students are actually rated and graded on how well they tell their lies;  and where the long term benefits accrue mainly to keeping each other out of jail. According to a CMAJ-JAMC report on medical ethics “The profession has accepted that dishonesty is necessary because of the dire consequences of being truthful.” Shame is the reason why most doctors don’t change their views or report the error of their ways.

Among similarly disgraceful physicians attached to the public purse include more than 400 appointed local “cash-for-life” (up to age 70) coroners throughout the province who report to a regional supervising coroner, who ultimately reports to the chief .

Although a coroner’s responsibility is to the public, his allegiance is first to the government and medical profession, corruption notwithstanding. According to one doctor “The coroner’s office has been regarded for too many years as a convenient rug under which embarrassing cases could be swept, safely hidden from public scrutiny.” – Dr. Morton Shulman, taken from the books entitled: Can’t Somebody Shut Him Up? See – Shulman, Morton Dr. & Kastner, Susan.

The medical complaints system is cloaked in secrecy.

The coroner’s office works under a “cloak of secrecy“, as does the CPSO. They tell the police, the press and the public only what they want them to know. Downplaying by omission is common since the basic selection/omission process necessarily omits what they don’t want the public to know, with cover-ups and criticisms suppressed.

The coroner perceives his findings to be unalterable. One might argue that such findings are not credible for the most part because no matter what the facts, he would still conclude no findings of medical wrongdoing, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

The coroner regards an inquest “unnecessary” whenever there is a likelihood that the public will become enraged because they are afraid of the anger and embarrassment that will result.

Consider a few iatrogenic causes: death by water intoxication or dehydration, acute pulmonary oxygen toxicity, oxygen depravation, SIRS, SEPSIS, clinical insult, drug induced cardiomyopathy, contraindicated medications, withholding life support and miriad more medical secret methods employed by bad doctors and nurses to kill their patients in order to cover-up their negligence, or outright stupidity.

In one case mentioned by Morton Shulman “an effort was made by an official of the Attorney General’s department to hand pick an inquest jury, by-passing the normal selection system. One proposed juror was connected with the company involved in the death under investigation.” – Dr. Morton Shulman.

If common sense prevails, medical opinion must be logically sustainable, but most often its not and so is seen to be flawed. If medical opinion continues to be accepted without scrutiny, health professionals will eventually legislate themselves right out of civil and criminal liability for their negligence. For this reason multiple medico-legal opinions are often necessary. To compound the problem, one cannot find a doctor who will testify against another doctor and the coroner’s are no exception. They all belong to the same fraternity of freebooters that focuses on use of deception, dishonesty and outright lies to “protect it’s own“, much the same as crooked cops.

Coroners rely explicitly on the opinion of others, because they have none of their own. The bald truth is that specialists in a given field are not always expert in that field either. What they don’t understand is what they are too lazy or incompetent to find out for themselves. As a death investigator, the chief coroner with his immature posture of infallibility does not have first hand knowledge of the topic on which he professes to affirm, yet he concurs with opinions of others that fall outside the field of his own expertise, with his own opinion, if he had one, being of secondary value.

Bias is the single most serious problem when dealing with expert opinion and doctors are the worst offenders. There is no such thing as an unbiased expert and scientific misconduct goes far beyond discriminating against ethnic groups to include targeting the poor or underprivileged of society. Lawyers often regard certain doctors as “hired guns”, who take cash for comment. The coroner, in his biased efforts to prejudice the results of his own investigation does not give his “hand-picked” expert all of the facts when seeking an outside opinion. In this regard, all communication is limited, slanted, or biased to include or exclude relevant information. But omission can also be used as a deliberate way of concealing. By withholding vital information, such as iatrogenic radiation or drug induced injury to the nervous system, for example, he tells the expert only what he wants him to know. The expert knows this, and so analyzes and returns his opinion according to data input. With a simple “meeting of the minds“, the expert proceeds to tailor or lard the report to justify the opinion that is in his opinion being sought, often using parallel links in a given theory to obfuscate the truth. The end result is that the patient will have died of “NATURAL CAUSES”, for example.

While pretending to educate the coroner in the technical matters at hand, the objective of the biased expert is to make it appear as though the coroner also understands the technical issues as well as the political implications, while also giving as little information as possible. Once there is a perception of understanding, the expert infers from the opinion expressed that the coroner is the one making an independent decision and that the coroner’s opinion will be correct rather than just agreeing with him. Of course, this is just theatre which allows professional bias to skew the results. His disclaimer will state:

“The opinions expressed herein by the author do not necessarily take into account all the facts and circumstances surrounding the death” and “The final conclusions of the coroner’s investigation may differ significantly from the opinion expressed herein“.

Further findings suggest that expert opinion, in the absence of consensus “evidence-based medicine” and published literature is totally worthless. A medical expert renders his opinion in his own “self-serving” interest, given his own values and how much credence should be given to such an opinion may well be subject to debate. It is in the analysis of self-interest that values most clearly play their role. For example, the coroner’s expert will invariably have insinuated himself into a case or “conspiracy” for money, some with “revolving doorpayoffs. The coroner in his dubious dealings with other doctors would have predictably wheedled himself upon the favours of one of his self-aggrandize and flatter colleagues, ie., a classmate, golfing buddy or other conflicting interest minion he knows personally due to being involved with one doctor or hospital or another, such as from Sunnybrook Hospital, or the Northern Ontario Tele-health Network, for example. One might also ask whether it is possible, in his field of expertise, for legitimate differences of opinion to occur between qualified experts. Since the answer is invariably “yes”, the opinion expressed is not necessarily the correct one, is it? The expert therefore is not a wholly dependable source of information.

Further, any medical professional who, in rendering his opinion as to cause of death volunteers his unsolicited belief as to another doctor’s conduct or standard of care, finding in favour of his fellow colleague invites being labeled retrospectively with the most nefarious motive. In this regard, one might also ask what is the frequency with which such expert “sells his opinion” for monetary gain, including the side for which he predominantly finds, and whether he consistently finds in favor of his fellow colleagues?  One might also ask as to what is his relationship to the coroner himself?  As can be seen, the coroner’s expert is, if not a charlatan, at least not what he is purports to be. In fact, he is nothing more than a paid shill and thus unworthy of belief. Indeed there is no need for him to show up at the coroner’s office – he would simply have mailed his opinion and await his remuneration in the mail.

Coroners are keen to play a role in decision-making but generally lacking when it comes to problem solving, especially where expediency is a “means-end“. Being closed minded may predispose.

The coroner sometimes uses the police to assist with an investigation, but the police rely on the coroners to interpret what they have uncovered. The coroner has no expertise in forensic science and the police have none in medicine. They tell each other only what they want each other to know. The coroner has the final say and will say what he is told to say by the hierarchy. After all,  he works for the same ministry as the provincial police, namely Ontario’s Solicitor General.

Coroners neither investigate a complaint thoroughly, impartially, or accurately, unless considerable legal and public pressure is brought to bear. And in the absence of an autopsy or fact-finding post mortem, a coroner’s report can be a mixture of half-truths and bald falsehoods, such as seen in the cases of Steven Truscott, David Milgaard, William Mullins-Johnson and Guy Paul Morin. They languished behind bars for years, wrongfully jailed for crimes they did not commit because of doctors faulty or botched findings and a justice system bent on  prosecuting any number of suspects in order to pacify the public.

“Systemic flaws and inattentive bosses made it possible for an unqualified pathologist to make critical errors that led to wrongful convictions and devastating consequences” for parents of dead children, the judge heading an inquiry into botched autopsy cases  (of pediatric pathologist Charles Smith, whose litany of errors led to a series of wrongful murder charges and convictions)  in Ontario  concluded.” – Judge Stephen Goudge

The Goudge inquiry into a string of botched autopsies by discredited Toronto pathologist Charles Smith has “cast doubt on 13 criminal convictions based on Smith’s testimony.” –

Justice Goudge’s report accuses former chief coroner James Young and deputy chief coroner James Cairns of lying to officials and to the public in an effort to cover-up Dr Smith’s errors and to protect their own reputations.

Much about what we have come to learn about disease, including statistical information, was discovered and confirmed through autopsies. But as it now stands, doctors seek to confirm their findings through human experimentation, or by trial and error using unsuspecting patients as their test subjects.

Autopsy findings help measure the overall quality of care in a hospital and community. But autopsies are seldom performed, except in medico-legal cases or where they are specifically requested but in fact doctors try to discourage them, usually because they themselves or a fellow colleague have something to hide.

Coroners don’t do post-mortems, they know almost nothing about pathology. They are performed by a pathologist who reports his findings, usually to an attending physician. Talk about a “conflict of interest” should the attending physician’s medical negligence be at fault.

To examine the validity of manner of death (MOD) certification of unnatural adult deaths by Ontario coroners, detailing which deaths are likely to be misclassified and how they may be misclassified involve cases of active and passive euthanasia and “natural” death due to iatrogenic lethal complications and to ensure that these types of deaths will be overlooked, concealed and suppressed. Iatrogenic opioid-related mortality appears to be increasing in Canada and has increased markedly since 1991. The final encounter with a physician before death is usually an emergency department visit. Therefore the validity of the certification of “Manner of Death” by Ontario Coroners is highly questionable.

Coroners are a partisan group of professional disinformation artists with a vested interest concealed behind a neutral, bland, inoffensive name who tend to operate in self-congratulatory and complementary packs or teams whose prime function is to prevent rational and complete examination of evidence which would hang them or any of their self-aggrandize and flatter colleagues. They are white coats in black hats acting as provincial government officials, licenced to practice ignorance, mayhem and unpardonable blunder with immunity from liability for wrongdoing. Coroners, as with other physicians, are incredibly polished and they are all charmers, but they are basically narrow, shallow people who don’t give a damn about iatrogenic death, or the pain and suffering that doctors may have caused.

Further findings suggest that coroners, like many other doctors, suffer from meta-cognitive skill deficit disorder, a syndrome that spans a broad continuum of meta-cognitive incompetence or lack of capacity to distinguish accuracy from error. Not only do these doctors reach erroneous conclusions and make bad choices, but their incompetence robs them of the meta-cognitive ability to realize it. Faulty reasoning may predispose.

When medical science abandons safe medical practices for highly dangerous ones we have a serious situation that we need to look at under a microscope. A definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics shows that Canadian and American medicine frequently causes more harm than good. Perhaps the words “health care” give us the illusion that medicine is about health and care when we need it. Allopathic medicine is not a purveyor of healthcare but of disease-care and harvesting organs for profit. The coroner’s office is in charge of administering the Human Tissue Gift Act and the Anatomy Act transplants.

IATROGENIC DEATH Iatrogenic means “caused by medical treatment”. The term iatro comes from the Greek word “iatros”, for medical or medicinal. Iatrogenic death occurs when people die due to errors or negligence caused by doctors and pharmacists. Thousands of patients in our hospitals or under doctors care die annually and scores of others suffer serious injury because of medical “mistakes” and “doctor-caused” injury and illness is clearly the leading cause of death in Canada. It is estimated that one in every 200 patients in our hospitals has an iatrogenic death annually, even homicide can go undetected because autopsies are not being performed and there are no safeguards in place. All Canadians should be outraged at this monstrous wasting of human life. The truth is that many diseases, including cancer can be traced to “iatrogenic” causes. In fact, more patients die from the treatments they receive than from the malaise doctors so dubiously seek to treat or cure, with iatrogenic deaths attributed to “natural, non-specific or undetermined” causes.

Since fewer than 10 percent of medical mistakes are reported to hospital authorities, or any other authorities for that matter, the patients or their families are never told that the injuries were caused by the doctors, nurses, or hospital. That means greater than 90 percent of iatrogenic deaths go undiscovered. Hence no disciplinary action is ever taken on any of the doctors involved in these incidents. It is also a measure of honesty and integrity in Ontario’s medical profession, a profession that has its roots in occult formulas, medieval magic, body-snatching, quackery, and organized crime of all kinds.

The 1960’s saw physicians in Canada go on strike and the mortality rate actually dropped.

Ontario has a long and sad history of socially unacceptable medical corruption and criminal coverup under shield of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that has sought to institutionalize rip-offs ( by corrupt doctors) with OHIP, to keep sick people sick and their families oblivious to it. Its hidden agenda is to shield bad doctors from medical procedure mistakes and criminal accountability. In spite of the College’s efforts to downplay the numbers, their catalogue is comprehensive.

Neither the government, the medical profession, nor the press desire to lift the manhole cover on this sewer of corruption, needless suffering and unnecessary deaths. Perhaps it’s time they had their moral codes thoroughly overhauled.

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