Hippocratic Oath: The Oath of Hypocrites!


Since the medical profession does not separate who they are from what they do, one can only conclude that the embodiment of values that physicians now live is no longer the Hippocratic Oath, but rather the Oath of Hypocrites!

Our system of justice does not give us a way to deal with physicians that are dishonest or incompetent, apart from civil litigation. Among other things, far too many doctors suffer from being dishonest. They are caught up in a terrible ethical dilemma by their own doings.

Something must be done about medical practitioners who will not admit their ignorance or mistakes, including radical changes to a system under which these medical professionals are permitted to practice consistent, persistent, recurrent wrongdoing to the detriment of unsuspecting patients under their care. What we have instead is organized crime in the wake of medical misadventure and a self regulating licensing body that is totally oblivious of doctors whose incompetence and carelessness can injure, maim, and kill.

The very fact that doctors are unwilling to blow-the-whistle on  bad doctors is prima-facie proof of lack of integrity, and dishonesty.

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